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Ambitious retail media for ambitious retailers.

CitrusAd streamlines media sales and ad-serving for more than half of the top 20 retailers in the world. That’s more than 2 trillion dollars in annual online sales.

Sponsored products.

Fast. Personalised. And native. Place your ads in any location in less than an hour.

Banner advertising.

Natively served. Increased click-through rates. Self-serve and real-time ROI measurement for retailers and brands. Everyone’s happy.

Branded landing pages.

Easy to create, self-serve landing pages created by brands, seamlessly uploaded via the API. Retailers simply hit ‘approve’ and it’s ready to go live!

Email placements.

Email campaigns delivered direct to customers, promoting the products and brands relevant to them. Reduce wasted opportunities and increase CTRs.

Your platform.
Your way.

Since our platform is designed as a white label native ad server, retailers maintain control of when, where and how ads are served. So you get to choose.

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White label.

Your retail brand is the star. You're the destination that attracts top performing brands. We’re the technology to power your retail media and make it work for you - and your brands.

Controlled ad serving.

You decide how many ads to request and where to place them. Our job is to be fast, relevant and seamless.

Improved shopper experience

Your first-party data at the point of purchase, combined with a real-time personalisation engine, creates a world class digital advertising platform that your brands want to join.

Retain your UX.

It's your ecommerce platform. You decide how ads display and the rules that brands need to follow. We simply make it easy to use for you - the retailer - and your brands.

Advanced features that target the challenges worth achieving.

Improve profit margin.

Be more profitable in ecommerce. Maximise the revenue of every page view seamlessly.


Real-time reporting dashboard measuring the performance of your platform from daily revenue right through to individual search term CTRs.

Empower your data.

Your first-party data is your key point of difference, we give you the technology to commercialise it the right way.

Multi-wallet support.

Our platform offers multi-wallet options for brands and filtered reporting for retail departments and categories.

Advertiser visibility & control.

See exactly how each of your brands are performing. Add budget to wallets Approve campaigns and edit campaigns - all at your fingertips.

Tag-based campaigns.

Tag each product to streamline internal performance reporting and reconciliation processes.

Cross sell and up sell.

Give your brands the opportunity to pair their products to other complementary products - the perfect opportunity to land in new customer baskets.

Smarter technology.

Our server-side integration technology is built from the ground up – especially for retail. So it performs the way you want, without awkward work-arounds.

Ad-serving performance.

Fast, seamless product placement without lag or delays, to create a seamless user experience.

Relevance & personalisation.

Deliver the right ads and products to the right people, so they see what they want to buy.

Scalability with flexibility.

CitrusAd has the right back end architecture to scale and grow. It’s built with retail in mind, so it’s easily updated to provide continuing support for your business, avoiding downtime.

Security & compliance.

Supporting businesses across Asia/Pacific, Europe, and the Americas, CitrusAd is GDPR and ISO compliant. You take security and compliance seriously. So do we.

Avoid ad blocking.

Through a fast server-side connection you can capture every revenue opportunity by avoiding ad blockers.

Speed counts.

Better shopping experience.

Instant product population without lag or delay.

Better ROI for brands.

Repeat business when brands continue successful campaigns.

Inventory checking.

No product promotion if it’s out of stock.

Avoid duplication.

Promoted items don’t feature a second time in search results to create a clean UX.

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Results matter.

How can you tell ad platforms apart? Compare the performance, capabilities and most importantly – the results. Discover why CitrusAd is leading the retail media space.


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CitrusAd drives in-store sales too.

Online point of purchase advertising not only works at the digital checkout, it works instore as well. In 13 days, a new biodegradable-wipe brand grew their market share at a retailer from 13% to 18%. Their total online sales grew by 40%. Interestingly, without any other marketing launch activity, in-store sales also increased 18%.

  •  In-store mobile use
  • In-store mobile use
  •  Research online - buy in-store
  • Research online - buy in-store

Trusted by the world's largest retailers.

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Think fast.

CitrusAd can be up and running in 4 – 6 weeks flat. We provide help, support and advice for your onboarding. You can even start small and unlock more functions when you’re ready.

The rate of growth for retailers and brands using CitrusAd is exciting. Some may say ‘phenomenal’. We look forward to being business partners with our retail clients, building business relationships based on open, transparent communication, as well as integrity and honesty. Retail media is an exciting place to be – and we look forward to being right beside you for the journey – every step of the way.