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One customer view.

One platform across on-site and off-site, underpinned by common identity.

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One attribution method.

One single view of attribution, regardless of where your customer purchases.

Effective marketing starts with knowing your customers—but walled gardens keep much of that knowledge hidden. That’s why Epsilon built a better way. CORE ID® is the industry’s most accurate, stable and scalable identity resolution to recognize and reach 200M+ U.S. consumers in a privacy-safe way.

How CORE ID® is different

Privacy comes first.

Epsilon has a trusted, 50+ year legacy exceeding consumer, client and regulatory expectations for privacy and data stewardship.

Unrivalled accuracy.

CORE ID is the only identity resolution solution that requires a complete name and address validated by transactions, ensuring marketers reach the right person with maximum precision and efficiency.

Seamlessly on and off-site.

Our single source of identity resolution enables consistent 1:1 conversations everywhere consumers interact with your brand, all while maintaining rigorous data separation and privacy protocols.

Lifelong connections.

By anchoring to the uniquely sturdy bedrock of our people-based CORE ID, you can be confident your ability to reach customers over time won’t drift away with third-party identifiers.
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One easy to use,
self-serve platform
across both offsite
and onsite.

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The rate of growth for retailers and brands using CitrusAd is exciting. Some may say ‘phenomenal’. We look forward to being business partners with our retail clients, building business relationships based on open, transparent communication, as well as integrity and honesty. Retail media is an exciting place to be – and we look forward to being right beside you for the journey – every step of the way.