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The leading advertising
platform connecting brands
with grocery retailers and engaged
shoppers across the US

One activation. 15 grocers. Millions of shoppers.

Engage high-intent shoppers with 1st Party retailer data throughout the path to purchase with leading grocers nationwide.

6 reasons to advertise with GroceryOne.

Multiple ad formats and tactics allow you to grow brand awareness and drive sales growth.

Choose the convenience of managed service or the control of self-service.

Our retail partners drive more revenue from grocery than Amazon and Instacart combined.

Accurately measure your campaigns with our transparent, closed-loop reporting by retailer.

Drive both online and in-store sales.

No minimum investment and no fees; 100% of your investment goes to working media.

Our GroceryOne partners.

One platform, multiple ads.

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Sponsored products.

Sponsored product ads allows your brands to compete for top point of sale ad placements across ecommerce retailers nationally - all on the one platform.


Reach shoppers across digital shelves and aisles throughout the shopping journey, driving brand awareness and sales where it counts - at the point of purchase.


BannerX is a fully responsive display unit that sits natively on the digital shelf, seamlessly bridging the gap between awareness and conversion.

Brand pages.

Create a branded aisle on the digital shelf. Showcase the full breadth of your products and brands, with opportunities for co-branding.

Plus: New SPA+.

Own your most influential online shopping search terms. Secure your strongest performing, must-win keywords at a fixed price to guarantee your brand’s presence on the digital shelf.

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Real-time reporting dashboard with retailer transparency.

  • Crystal clear one-to-one attribution reporting
  • SKU and keyword level reports
  • Precise pacing visibility
  • All available in your own live dashboard

Born to Retail.

CitrusAd isn’t a tech platform that dabbles in retail. We’re designed and built for retail – by retail experts. Today with e-commerce more important than ever, we can help brands grow and win in the retail media space.