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In retail, survival goes to the smartest.

In the retail jungle, survival usually goes to the smartest. The fastest. The retailers with the best technology. The brands who really understand their customer. The platforms and systems that deliver results.

CitrusAd is backed by 20 years of industry insight and experience. We know how consumers think. We know how retail brands operate. We take the time to listen, to get down into the weeds, ask questions and thrash-out problems. Tweak. Refine. Make changes. Take on feedback, polish and optimise.

To survive is good.
To thrive is even better.
Welcome, to the retail revolution.

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Born from retail.

CitrusAd isn’t a tech platform that dabbles in retail. We’re a tech platform built for retail, designed by retail experts and grown from 20 years of shelf-stacking industry experience. Over that time with a focus on online sales, we’ve developed an understanding and gained valuable insights that can help retailers and brands grow in the digital space – and instore too.

We keep it simple.

CitrusAd: simple to use, easy to manage. You’re at the controls to increase visibility for your brands, and our account team is always there if you need a hand. Transparent reporting and live tracking shows exactly what you’re getting. And most importantly – it’s all happening in the best position – right at the point of purchase.
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We power, You steer.

CitrusAd is the engine behind successful retailers, but the steering wheel is firmly in your hands. Our technology is designed specifically for ecommerce, rather than adapted to it. There are no compromises or stop-gap measures. It’s fit for purpose. Wherever you want to go, whatever the destination, we have the digital roadmap to help you get there.

Solutions you can see through.

Transparency and trust go hand-in-hand. That’s why we provide clients with comprehensive, real-time analytics, using an easy-to-read dashboard. We want you to see the value of CitrusAd. We want you to understand how it works - to pop the hood and take it for a test drive. We think you’ll be impressed with what you see.
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Who needs the status quo?

There’s comfort in playing things safe… to a point. If you want to lead the market, then partner with a market leader – CitrusAd.. We cut through the noise and deliver tailored, creative, cost-efficient solutions. Status quos were made to be challenged – and we’re up for making a positive change in the ecommerce space.

The view from the weeds.

Think of Citrus as your unofficial tech department. We’re part of the furniture, part of the team, part of the family. When you’re lost in the retail weeds, we’ll roll up our sleeves, brew some strong coffee and join you there, working together to get the job done.

Our experience is your experience.

When you choose Citrus, you’re not just getting cutting-edge tech, you’re getting all the answers we’ve found along the way. That’s 20-odd years of retail problem solving experience across 25 countries, plus new features rolled out every fortnight. Our IP is now your IP.