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Marketers don’t need a coronation to push seasonal sales

Marketers don’t need a coronation to push seasonal sales

Inspiring seasonal sales all year round can bring incremental gains, says Alban Villani, regional CEO EMEA at CitrusAd

By Alban Villani, regional CEO EMEA at CitrusAd | 16 May 2023

Retail sales are usually boosted by large national events, so could the combination of the coronation this weekend, the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool next week, and a slew of bank holidays in May give sales a much-needed shot in the arm?As well as royal memorabilia and bunting, retailers will be hoping for a strong uptick in sales of celebratory food and drink, and plenty of baking and sandwich making. We have already seen retailers and brands launching products to celebrate the coronation, from Waitrose’s Jewel the Jack Russell Cake to Heinz Tomato Kingchup.

But it’s not all about these big occasions. Inspiring seasonal sales all year round can bring incremental gains to everyday sales. Every day of the year represents an opportunity. If today is not a holiday, it’s a season and a day that is leading up to an event or a holiday. With seasons especially, timeliness matters to optimise the marketing calendar.

Seasonal merchandising, no matter the medium, requires a proactive approach to make an impact throughout the shopper journey. Finding seasonal opportunities and making sure your messages are positioned near the point of sale, both online and in-store, is the first part of the winning equation.

Buying habits are different during key seasons and holidays, largely because shoppers are not just buying for themselves. This drives volume beyond everyday sales. Marketers have a wealth of retail media tools along the path to purchase to inspire seasonal sales and make incremental gains, while eliminating ad waste. Features like brand pages and add-to-cart recipes can drive conversions and draw stronger correlation between brands, seasons, and holidays.

Fmcg brands that engage with shoppers during seasonal periods build affinity and provide simple ways for consumers to enjoy and celebrate key moments. But there is a second part of the equation.

Omnichannel consistency is missed by many marketers and a significant factor to seasonal success. When brand marketers complement their bank holiday, seasonal commercials, and other campaigns with retail media – and align their marketing efforts with their retail partners – they can unlock a much larger opportunity.

Brand marketers should consider leveraging retailers’ first-party data to increase relevant reach and interact with shoppers at the right time, ideally at a moment closer to the point of purchase. Brands are better served when their advertising is more closely aligned with their retail partners.

We know viewers are not just tuning into their favourite shows or events through TV anymore. Data shows people are often looking at multiple screens, and this weekend’s coronation celebrations will be no different. This is why it’s so important to expand your brand’s footprint across multiple channels during key timeframes.

Brands need to ask themselves how they can leverage their retail partners’ data in a consistent omnichannel fashion, to reach shoppers at the right place and time for incremental seasonal gains. Perhaps, then, they can be kings whatever the season.

This article originally appeared in The Grocer.


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