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part of Sainsbury’s and operator of the Nectar loyalty programme – are launching a new retail media platform.

Nectar360 manages Sainsbury’s and Argos shopper marketing services, utilising insights, and media expertise to connect the Sainsbury’s businesses, FMCG brands, GM brands, and their customers.

Now, Nectar360 are partnering with CitrusAd technology to empower an enhanced understanding of Sainsbury’s ecommerce space.

Through the Nectar360 Ecommerce Media Platform, brands can create customer-led ecommerce campaigns with real-time reporting that allows for insight, learnings, and in-flight campaign optimisation. Previously advertisers could pre-buy a tenancy slot for sponsored products, but without the data and metrics to measure the effectiveness of a campaign.

Brands can now fully maximise their presence online with tailored sponsored product campaigns, ensuring they reach the right shopper in the right place at the right time.

Display media

The system also provides flexibility to edit campaigns on the fly, be more reactive and ‘in the moment’, for example to take advantage of seasonal weather changes or events. It will also bring its onsite display media into this format from 2021.

Using performance-based metrics in the live reporting dashboard, brand managers and advertisers can measure the ROI of their campaigns at any time of day down to an individual product level and even by search term – providing more analytics and a greater understanding of how products perform on an ecommerce platform.

James Moir, MD at Nectar360, said: “We set out to create an easy to use, self-serve performance-based retail media platform that offers our brands the best in terms of digital campaign design, delivery and measurement, whilst enhancing and maintaining our customers online shopping experience.”